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    1. Heinz Helmuth Kohl

      Heinz Helmuth Kohl

      Hola Shakira,

      My Name is Heinz Helmuth Kohl ans I am a big fan from you.

      Must of all I like the song mnumber one for me "Heeps tond't  lay.

      Sekend Song I klike is "Waka Waka This time for Afrika.

      The fanny Thing is Iwas in 23.11.November 1974 in your Hume Town 

      Barranquilla. This was with my Ship "Maria Oldendorff" from Germany.

      This Shipsname is like the name from my Wife is Maria.

      The other funny thing is, You are born in 02.02.1977, My oldest Daugther

      Katharina is born ao 22.02.1989. And I am born on 05.05.1947.

      An I ahve a nice from a girl from Barranquilla, her name was Nuriz Cordero Julio. This Time I was in Barranquilla I was Marinero. Later in Germany I wentt to naticel Scool and I get my Capt'n Lizenz.


      Lyke Im say before, I am a big funn from You, ans I hope it is possible

      for you to answere to me some time.


      I wishes oll the best for you from,

      your fan of Germany  Hemuth Kohl.

  3. Nadine


    Jahresabschluss. Wollte ja eigentlich keinen machen, aber naja, Gewohnheit. 2020 Monat Beiträge Januar 3 Februar 4 März April 10 Mai Juni 12 Juli August September 3 Oktober November 1 Dezember 2 Gesamt 35
  4. An Silvester läuft eine 60-min-Fassung um 21:45 Uhr bei 3sat
  5. Eben auf iTunes gefunden https://itunes.apple.com/de/movie/shakira-in-concert-el-dorado-world-tour/id1535121298?ign-mpt=uo%3D2
  6. imagine

    Ohrwurm des Tages

    Schon seit einigen Tagen Midnight Sky von Miley Cyrus
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