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El Paso (USA), 09.08.2006


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Gestern hat Shaki die Grenzstadt am Rio Grande unsicher gemacht :)

Nach den von Gato Negro und mrbk geposteten Artikeln von www.diario.com

sieht die Setlist folgendermaßen aus:

Estoy Aqui

Te Dejo Madrid

Dont Bother


Costume Makes the clown (?)


Si te Vas

Obtener un Si

La Tortura


Whenever, Wherever

La Pared


Pies Descalzos

Ciega Sordomuda

Ojos Asi


Wobei CMTClown nach Gato wohl ein Fehler ist ... müsste eigentlich Hey you sein?

Quelle: http://www.shakirarules.com/board/index.ph...=0entry114177

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Ein Bild gibt's auch schon! ;)


Da werden bestimmt noch ein paar dazukommen! ;)

Sieht ganz so aus als wär sie erkältet. :down: :gnash:

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Sieht ganz so aus als wär sie erkältet. :down:  :gnash:

Wegen dem Schal? Ich dachte sowas wäre mittlerweile ein modisches Assecoire :kicher: Würde zumindest nicht auf Erkältung tippen...

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Wegen dem Schal? Ich dachte sowas wäre mittlerweile ein modisches Assecoire  :kicher:  Würde zumindest nicht auf Erkältung tippen...

Das glaube ich auch. Sie mags zur Zeit ja auch gerne recht bunt. :kicher:

Aber was ist auf den Schal-Bildern mit Ihren Haaren los :eek: die sehen so..... irgendwie ungepflegt aus. :eek2:

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Ein Konzert-Review der "El Paso Times":

Concert review

Shakira gives solid, varied show in El Paso

By Leonard Martinez / El Paso Times

Shakira has got the moves, and some people are willing to do just about anything to see them.

The sold-out first date of her U.S. tour Wednesday night led some fans to try to dance their way into getting tickets.

Sal Hernandez, 18, didn't have a ticket, so he danced in a competition right before the concert and won with his cowboy-style dance.

"This is the first time I've danced to a Shakira song," he said. "It was hilarious when I saw myself on the replay."

Shakira, of course, didn't disappoint with her high-energy set that began with "Estoy Aquí."

Shakira, shoeless, was dressed in a dark T-shirt and matching black pants.

After the song ended, one eager fan was able to jump on stage and hand Shakira roses before security hauled him off.

Shakira was undeterred by the incident, thanked him for the flowers and moved on to the next song, "Te Dejo Madrid."

Shakira is known more for her hip-shaking, belly-dancing moves, but during this song she even broke out "the robot" before belting out a few notes on the harmonica. Next, she strapped on a pink and silver guitar for the rock song "Don't Bother." She played some nice rhythm guitar before stepping to the lip of the stage and squeezing out a solo as well.

She and her band quieted things down for the beautiful, nearly completely acoustic "Antología," which Shakira said she wrote when she was 17.

Many artists are content to stay with one style, but Shakira isn't one of them, as she displayed with the eclectic mix of sounds in her various songs.

"Hey You" was a very vampy song, which could easily have been sung in a lounge decades ago to the roar of an approving audience.

Shakira finally let the audience have a glimpse of her famous belly when she tied her T-shirt off before singing the hit "La Tortura."

After a very brief break in the show for a costume change, Shakira re-emerged, wearing a long, flowing red dress that could have been seen centuries ago -- or on Stevie Nicks.

At the end of "No," she twirled around before the lights went off and she launched into her first English-language hit, "Whenever, Wherever."

Later, she also sang the aching "Underneath Your Clothes."


Considering that this is the first stop of the tour and kinks usually have yet to be worked out, the evening went smoothly, and El Paso showed its worthiness as a city in which to start a tour.

Leonard Martinez may be reached at lmartinez@elpasotimes.com; 546-6152.

quelle: www.elpasotimes.com

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Shakira's SUV didn't bump fans, (11:37 a.m.)

Times staff

The SUV Shakira was riding in was not involved in an accident with fans, according to UTEP officials.

About two hours after the concert at the Don Haskins Center on Wednesday night, fans were waiting along a barricade to see the SUV leave when one of the fans leaned over and accidentally knocked a CSC security staff member down. Both fell to the ground and bumped their heads, but it appeared by the angle of video shot by some media that the SUV was involved.

University police interviewed both people involved in the incident and they said the SUV was not involved.

Both were taken to the hospital, as per university policy when heads are bumped, but they only had bruises from the fall. No charges were filed.


Videos: www.shakiramedia.com


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Schrecklich was?

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