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León (Spanien), 20.06.2006


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So, da Niki ja auf dem Weg nach Berlin bzw. Madrid ist, mache ich mal den Thread zum Konzert in León, auf. :kicher:

Ady aus dem Shakira Rules Forum war so lieb und hat die von Gato auf Spanisch geposteten Arikel übersetzt:

León has a fixation with Shakira


When there are six days left for the concert of the year, only 2.000 tickets left to see Shakira's concert in the stadium Amilivia.

More than 18.000 people have already one of the 20.000 tickets which were put on sale to listen to Shakira live in the football stadium Antonio Amilivia. It has never been registred a fullness of this scale. Not even when the national team played on April, 02nd 2003 against Armenia. Shakira who's been fighting for a decade now in the biggest musical leagues, will perform in León known songs like La Tortura, Animal City, Las de La Intuición or La Pared, among others. Fijación Oral, title of her tour and also of her latest CD, could make history in León. Neither Bob Dylan, nor B.B. King or Lenny Kravitz, nor the populist Carlinhos Brown or the national Estopa, El Canto del Loco or La Oreja de Van Gogh have mobilised so many fans. And this adding that the tickets to see the Colombian cyclone cost 20 euros - there are still a few available in El Corte Inglés.

Shakira's concert will also inaugurate Saint Juan and Saint Pedro parties. No other act or event is scheduled which could cast a shadow on Shakira's big performance. She's now #1 on all the charts - Spanish and Northamerican-. Today, Shakira starts her worldwide tour in Zaragoza, where a couple of days ago, a "sold out" sign has been hung up. Also, in Zaragoza, 12,000 tickets were put in sale and not 20,000 like in León. She's been staying in the maña (maña = adjective for Zaragoza) capital (of Aragón) for 15 days rehearsing for her Fijación Oral tour; 6 million copies of her album have already been sold.

Die Bilder bzw. Berichte vom Konzert selber werden dann in den nächsten Stunden/Tagen folgen! :D

Quelle: http://www.shakirarules.com/board/index.ph...opic=4508&st=15 :tease:

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So, die ersten Infos sind da!!! :applaus:

Also Gato hat schon mal Pics gepostet:


(Das ist der Link zum Thread, da ich zu den direkten Bildern ja keinen Link machen darf :ohno: :will:) Naja egal, nun weiter mit den News:

Aqi aus dem Shakira Rules hat mal Gatos (wie immer auf Spanisch) geposteten Artikel mit einem Online Translator übersetzt:

* The concert had a 25 minutes delay.

* More then 20.000 people in the audience

* She modified the lyrics of Estoy aqui into "Estoy en León y siento que..." it means "I am in Leon and I feel that..." so that the audience feel themselves closer to her, and she got applause for this

* Stage was simple but it was adapted to Shakira's style

* The concert was short: about 80 minutes, with a 10 minutes extra.

* The writer of the article said that it was a serious error from the audience that they did not "force" Shakira to sing more.

* The writer named Shakira a cyclone. That she is romantic, sensual, even sexual.

* She changed clothes four times. First: black pants with black T-shirt. Then the long red dress. Then an Eastern set, then red t-shirt and black trousers, and again another set of Arab style. Ř Her hips' movements caused extasis in the audience.

* It says that the stage was prettiest ever seen in the past years and the sound was perfect. There were 2 giant screen on the 2 sides of the stage. That helped a lot because the scene/stage is not really good for anything except football.

* The second article says that Shakira is like a hurricane but also like a caress

* Third article says thet there were more fans than in a soccer event.

* If I understand well, it says that the entrance doors had to be guarded more than at Lenny Kravitz,, Bob Dylan, or BB King's concerts. There were some fanatic fans. In the audience there were lots of children, with their parents.

* The weather was cloudy in the last 7 days before the concert, but on the night of the concert it turned to be nice.

Quelle: http://www.shakirarules.com/board/index.ph...15entry105906 :tease:

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* The weather was cloudy in the last 7 days before the concert, but on the night of the concert it turned to be nice.

lol, na so ein Zufall :kicher:

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Shakira hat den Songtext von "La Pared" vergessen!

She forgot the lyrics of "La Pared" and couldn't sing it! Hehe. She had to ask the public to help her because she had forgotten the words. The article says she made such an angel face that it was impossible not to forgive her.

Na sowas aber auch! :kicher:

Quelle: http://www.shakirarules.com/board/index.ph...opic=4508&st=30 :tease:

EDIT [Merged by script at [mergetime]1150994046[/mergetime]]

Videos von León:


Quelle: http://www.shakirarules.com/board/index.php?showtopic=4895 :tease:

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Halli Hallo

Also ich bin übrigens neu hier ;-) Bin der Thomas aus der Schweiz.

Leon ist meine Heimatstadt... Da ich ein grosser ShakiraFan bin reiste ich natürlich nach Leon.

Meine Grossmutter hats gefreut ;-)

Also das Konzert war supi.

Bei La Pared hat sie ja den Text vergessen (habt ihr sicher schon alle gesehen). Das ganze war mega süss.

Leider ist meine digi-cam noch in Spanien.

Sobald ich sie habe giebts Fotos

Mit Freundlichen Grüssen Thomas

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