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  1. Knows somebody how i can get tickets? and if shaki comes?
  2. Jessz

    Allgemeine Fragen zu den Konzerten

    Sorry i dont speak German but can somebody tell me in which hotel shaki slept in Munchen?
  3. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    can you say that again but then in English please . Cause i also got stayplaces but i don't understand it.
  4. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Thank you so much!
  5. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    I'm sorry for my lot of questions. But does anybody knows on what time she arrivals at Hamburg airport? Cause i always see pictures from fans with shakira on the airport. And now i also wanna go to airport but how do they know on what time she arrivals?
  6. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Can anybody says to me witch numbers she's gonna sing? cause i don't understand it. Dia especial... is sure. But is it also sure that she's gonna sing: NO and LDLI ? Help me:P
  7. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    I'm not sure if it's official yet but there were rumours that she'll leave Hamburg right after the show to fly to Monaco where she's doing a (private) concert for some rich guy on saturday evening... Yeah that's true. But i thought maybe Before the show!
  8. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Do you think that Shaki Sleeps in Hamburg?
  9. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Everybody who goes to Live earth, On what time are you there? Cause i also go but i wanna know what time the most people goes. let me know!
  10. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Danke shün!!!! But i thought shakira sings more songs then one! (i'm sorry that i speak English)
  11. Jessz

    [Auftritt] Live Earth Hamburg

    Hello, I'm sorry but i can't speak dutch cause i come from teh Netherlands. but do you mean with 'aktuelle band-list' the Line-up? Cause you can watch for the line-up at: www.liveearthhamburg.de